Beekeeping equipment?

by Marcel

Beekeeping equipment
Clockwise from left: pollen trap, small entrance feeder, gloves, another feeder system, and an issue of Bee Culture. Beneath it all is a propolis trap.

Yes, indeed! As a sideline to the medical work in Rwanda, we have a connection with a beekeeping group there, and we’re bringing them some equipment samples that they can use to help design and build their own. The equipment was graciously donated by Valley Bee Supply in Fishersville, VA, where I picked it up today after work.

The Valley Bee Supply store (with the donated equipment on the counter).
Shane Clatterbaugh, owner of Valley Bee Supply, with a hive component made by one of his amazing machines.

The story of the Rwanda beekeepers is quite interesting, and I’ll write more about it when we will meet up with them in a few weeks. Suffice it to say that my wife Marijke and I are (very) small-scale beekeepers ourselves (see Marijke’s bee-blog), and that it has been great fun to get involved, in a (very) small way, in helping develop bee culture in Rwanda.

For now, it means I’ll have to cram some more stuff into my bag…


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